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Έτος ίδρυσης: 1989



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Founded in 1989 and with the vision to simplify risk management software, EXUS launched its Debt Collections Suite in 2016 with the aim to support financial entities worldwide to improve their results.
With headquarters in London and R&D centre in Athens, our EFS Debt Collections & Recovery Software is trusted by risk professionals in more than 26 countries worldwide. We introduce simplicity and intelligence in their business processes through technology, improving their collections performance.

Κουλτούρα & Στόχος

At EXUS we believe that technology exists to serve people. This means we spend time thinking about how people interact with the world around them; about the cognitive process. We enjoy a workplace where curiosity and ambition are put in service of making software that makes people smarter.


We are deservedly known for our creative and innovative approach to the needs of business. We research, we innovate and we develop products that are both intelligent and accessible, that make business more effective, that help people to perform better and that make life easier and more rewarding.
But let’s rewind - because what we do today is no different from what we have always done.
Along the way, as we grew, we recruited people who could think differently, who could spot trends and breakthroughs, who were curious and insightful, who didn’t give up easily. We created a workplace worth their talent and have been awarded the “Best Place to Work” title 3 times.
We’ve come a long way since we started. It’s been an exciting journey, but it’s one that has only just started. EXUS will always innovate and pioneer - it’s the way we are, it’s in our DNA. We’ll continue to create accessible intelligence, which in turn creates value for the world.

Βραβεία & Διακρίσεις

Best Place to Work (3 Times)

HR Silver Award 2015

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Πάνος Κοψαύτης, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Gerald Mema

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"We aspire to transform the costly and complex enterprise software industry - making it simple, accessible and exciting"

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