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Beat is an app that transforms the way you move around the city. Tap on a button on your smartphone and get a ride in just a few minutes.

Κουλτούρα & Στόχος

At Beat, we believe that technology can change the world. We work in small, autonomous teams following agile methodologies. When it comes to having a meaningful job, we believe in Dan Pink's work motivation principle: our teams have to possess Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose.

Our goal is to be efficient and develop groundbreaking technologies that improve the lives of people in the cities we operate in. You will work among stunning colleagues; people who are so passionate about their work that will motivate you to unleash your potential.

Our mission is to create a new urban transportation experience, connecting thousands of passengers with available drivers, 24/7, at affordable prices. We want to make cities more accessible and help people unlock their unlimited possibilities.


Beat started its life as Taxibeat, 7 years ago in Europe and 4 years ago expanded its operation in Peru where it serves millions of rides every single month. It currently operates in Greece, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, with more markets to come within the year.

Beat is part of the FREE NOW group, the ride-hailing joint venture of BMW and Daimler.

Γιατί να δουλέψει κάποιος στην εταιρεία

We live and grow in the most exciting industry out there.

Every individual makes an outstanding impact on our performance and they are recognized for it. We cherish proactive people. We appreciate confident individuals who are not afraid to stand their ground and own their domain. People who are able to envision the world they want to live in and are ready to solve any problems in order to make this a reality. Our people are what makes everything happen.

Team Beat has evolved into a family that keeps growing. We take care of our Beat family by offering a series of benefits like private health care, healthy meals, free Beat rides, flexible arrangements, and an amazing workplace in the heart of each city we operate in.


Τρόπος Πρόσληψης

  • Application Review: We review all applications and inform all candidates about their progress in our recruitment “ride”.

  • People Operations Video Interview: This 30 - 45’ discussion is focused on your role-related knowledge and your general fit at Beat.

  • Take Home Assignment: Based on the position, we provide you with real projects to work on. This is a chance for you to demonstrate your technical skills and understand some of the challenges we face in our everyday working life. At the same time, it is an indicator for us to get an idea on how you approach data and provide solutions to problems.

  • People Operations Face to Face Interview: We want to know each other better, so be authentic, be yourself and feel free to ask us about our culture, our people and the benefits of working at Beat!

  • Technical Face to Face Interview: Depending on the position, you’ll meet with the Technical Lead of your field and 1 or 2 people from the team. At this stage, we want to get to know you better and have a closer look at your technical expertise.

  • Onsite exercise: Real work examples / way of thinking / no need for preparation

Στελέχη που θα παρευρεθούν

People Operations Team.

Γιατί στηρίζει το JFA

Beat has more than 500 employees, aiming to reach 800 by the end of 2019. We seek talented candidates who fit our culture and want to be part of our vision.


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Αθήνα, Bogota, Lima, Mexico City, Santiago

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Software Engineering, Machine Learning & Big Data Engineering, QA Engineering, DevOps, Product Management, Product Design, Marketing, Growth, People Operations