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Έτος ίδρυσης: 1949



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Established in 1949 in Greece, Famar is a leading European provider of contract industrial services to the Pharmaceutical and Health & Beauty industry, with over 500 million packs shipped in 2006. 

Famar has enjoyed substantial growth over the last years, realizing acquisitions in France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Greece while setting forth plans for further expansion and consolidation in existing markets. With a network of 11 production sites, 3 pharmaceutical development units, 1 Health & Beauty R&D unit, and 3 distribution centres, in 4 European countries, Famar reliably offers:

• Pharmaceutical Production

• Pharmaceutical Development

• Health & Beauty Production and R&D

• Logistics

Κουλτούρα & Στόχος

Famar’s dynamic growth reflects our dedication to meeting our customer’s needs, by providing ultimate product quality, exceptional customer service, wide geographical reach, complete integration of services and highly competitive prices to a constantly increasing number of markets.Towards the direction of becoming the European leader in Health Care outsourcing services, Famar has restructured its production sites into centers of excellence and strategically emphasizes: 

• Continuous investment in quality, technical expertise and equipment, aimed at the constant enrichment of our service portfolio

• A flexible organizational structure, driven by our clients’ needs

• Continuous reinforcement of cross-functional synergies among Pharmaceutical Development, Pharmaceutical Production, Health & Beauty R&D and Production, and Logistics

As one of the leading service providers to the Pharmaceutical and Health and Beauty industry, Famar is built on the expertise of its people. Famar has over 3500 employees, recognized for their innovation, flexibility, and experience in the Health Care sector.



Η Famar είναι ελληνική εταιρεία που έχει βάλει στέρεες βάσεις για την ανάπτυξη της από το 1949 που ιδρύθηκε.

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You can make an impact in Famar. The company offers competitive salaries as well as opportunities for development as an executive. Your career will take off in ways you cannot imagine.

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